Hi, my name is Jan and I am owner of this site. I studied history in Groningen (Netherlands) and Vienna (Austria). After my studies, I worked in the media- and communications sector, but the love for history never ceased. Instead of just reading books and watching documentaries I decided to actively cultivate my passion for history and I started this site. My aim is to create a lively history website, where history enthusiasts can find the latest news and watch good documentaries Рall with a pure educational purpose.

As I searched the internet, it struck me that there are numerous history websites. But they mostly cover archaeological findings or take a very ‘popular’ stance towards the profession of the historian. I want DisputedPast.com to be critical yet fun to read.

There are numerous documentary sites out there, with long lists of embedded YouTube-movies. Their aim is to broadly categorize these movies, for example for ‘war’ or ‘history’. On DisputedPast.com, I only embed history documentaries so it’s easier to find movies on a specific historical¬†subject. Moreover, I tagged the movies with historical events or persons. This makes it possible, for example, to sort documentaries on the subject ‘Russian Revolution’ or ‘Ramses II’. I don’t own or host these documentaries. For more information read the Terms of Service & Disclaimer.

DisputedPast.com is a non-profit project with purely educational purposes and you should regard it as such. If you want to make a contribution of any sort, don’t hesitate to mail me – the more so if you are a historian and want to have a platform for your findings.

I hope you enjoy DisputedPast!