Archaeologists discover 2 ancient tombs in Minya, Egypt

Two tombs from the 26th dynasty (685BC -525BC) are unearthed at the archaeological site of Al-Bahnasa, in Middle Egypt. The tombs contain mummified fish, coins and several mummies. The archaeological site of Minya was known in ancient Egypt as the town of Pr-Medjet. In the Graeco-Roman period the city was called Oxyrhynchus.

The Egyptian ministry of Antiquities state that the first tomb belonged to an influential scribe. Funerary objects, like a bronze inkwell and two small pens made from bamboo were also found in the tomb house. The second tomb belonged to a priest, belonging to the cult of Osiris. A temple of this order was found earlier, 2 kilometres west of the priest’s final resting place. A large amount of bronze coins were found near the priest’s mummy, revealing the age of the tomb.

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