Former Auschwitz guards will not be prosecuted

Many of the former Auschwitz guards against whom criminal investigations were started, wont be called to justice. The elderly defendants, aged from 88 to 94 years old, are not fit enough for a trial says newsmagazine Der Spiegel sunday. Certainly eleven alleged camp guards who were arrested in April (DisputedPast reported) are now exempt from prosecution. Der Spiegel says it will be hard to prosecute the remaining suspects, since they are too old to undergo a trial.

In September last year, the research center for Nazi crimes in Germany made a list of thirty concentration camp guards and called them to justice. The defendants are suspected to accomplice on genocide. Most of the men were guards in the infamous Auschwitz extermination camp. Just last week the United States, at the request of Germany, arrested the 89-year-old Johann Breyer who worked in Auschwitz. Breyer was allegedly involved in the gassing of 344,000 people. His trial will be delayed thinks Der Spiegel, and may even be canceled.







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