Civilians are taken prisoner in Rome

Priebke’s body will be buried on a concealed location

Fighting over Priebke’s dead body

A week of weird fighting over the corpse of Erich Priebke (1913-2013) has come to a conclusion. The nazi’ criminals body will be buried on an unknown location, reports news agency Ansa. Priebke’s lawyer, Paolo Giachini states the exact location was Italy’s and Germany’s secret. These secret burials were common for deceased nazi’s, so that that graves won’t become pilgrimage-sites for right-wing extremists. Priebke died on the 11th of October in Rome, he was 100 years old. The macaber fight over his body lasted more than a week.

Memorial service by right-wing catholics

The right-wing Catholic Piusbrotherhood, known for their extremist and antisemitic viewpoints, planned a service for Priebke, but his body was then removed by special police forces. Violent protests followed. Fearing more turmoil, the prefect of Rome forbade a funeral in the city and surrounding areas. Priebke’s body remained at a military airport near Rome until yesterday.

Erich Priebke’s nazi-past and his spectacular showdown with Sam Donaldson

Priebke was an SS captain serving in Rome and was responsible for the murder of 335 Italian civilians on March 24, 1944 at the Ardeatine caves. After the war, Priebke escaped a British prisoner-of-war camp in Italy. He fled to Argentina, aided by his Vatican connections. After a quiet career as a German teacher, Priebke was finaly tracked down in 1994 by Sam Donaldson from ABC news – a stunning piece of video footage (watch below). Priebke was trialed but freed as he was in his 80’s.



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