Could it be Jesus?

A new publication on the Shroud of Turin tries to proof that the shroud is about 2000 years old, making it possible that the imprint of the body and face of a bearded man is indeed from Jesus Christ. That’s contradictory to earlier studies, where the shroud was also tested. Those experiments backed up the theory that the cloak was fabricated in the 13th century, and therefore a clever medieval fake.

In the recent study however, those earlier studies are questioned because the shroud was damaged in a fire in the 13th century. That event mixed up the fibers, and that’s the reason the carbon dating showed a much younger date for the cloak. The latest studies, making use of ifra0red light and spectroscopy technology, date the shroud to a couple of centuries before and after the life of Christ.

It has to be said that the main researcher,  Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at Padua University, is a catholic. That shouldn’t be a reason to reject his thesis, but can help explain why he thinks that the imprint on the cloak was caused by a blast of “exceptional radiation”. Read more in the book: Giulio Fanti and Saverio Gaeta, The Mystery of the Shroud.



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