Munich art-treasure should be open to public, says Bavarian minister of Justice

The soap on the Munich art treasure continues. Two weeks ago, the German authorities seized 1500 masterpieces with an estimated value of 1 billion euro’s on the allegation that most of them were stolen by the nazi’s in the Third Reich. The owner, Cornelius Gurlitt had inherited them from his art-dealing father, who worked with the nazis. But last week, authorities stated that many painting were in fact rightfully owned by Gurlitt and were to be returned as soon as possible. Today, Bavaria’s minister of Justice states that the art should be publicly displayed. He wants to make an agreement with Gurlitt. Moreover, he wants to change the law regarding looted art from the nazi era. Now, these cases are time-barred after 30 years. The Minister of Justice claims he doesn’t want to put pressure on Gurlitt, but underlines the importance to show these masterpieces on a public location.

More information on: Die Welt website (German)



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